Want to feel secure when transacting with digital funds?

Incremint is a multipurpose governance and escrow platform for transactions with digital assets.

Incremint serves two critical fuctions. For transactions such as token sales, crowdfunding campaigns and purchases of goods, Incremint protects parties as an escrow mechanism ensuring the pre-agreed terms are satisfied before digital funds change hands. For assets such as security tokens, Incremint facilitates governance with its voting mechanism ensuring token holders can exercise their rights and recording their collective will on the blockchain.

We are a fintech startup that uses smart contracts to decentralize governance of digital assets.

Incremint Features

Incremint facilitates successful digital transactions for clients by:

  • Establishing trust among parties and mitigating risk

  • Encouraging accountability and facilitating governance

  • Adding credibility, visibility and transparency to projects and digital assets

  • Providing a decentralized dispute resolution mechanism

  • Ensuring that all decisions are recorded on public blockchain

Our smart contract deployer was developed by Applied Blockchain and has been audited by Smartdec smart contract audit report.

Our Team

The founders are highly experienced legal and financial experts with extensive track records in complex commercial transactions. They combine practical experience in escrow governance and financing arrangements with the technical expertise of our strategic partners.

  • Hans is an experienced corporate and investment banker with an accomplished track record in advising and financing complex strategic international transactions including M&A, IPOs, bonds, project finance and structured finance. Hans has previously worked at HSBC Bank in London, Citigroup in Moscow, the Federal Reserve Bank in Houston, and was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Central Asia. He received his MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 2008 and is a US national.

    Hans Battle

    CFO, Co-Founder

  • Peter is a corporate lawyer specializing in M&A, commercial transactions, and ICO legal advice. Peter has previously worked at Hogan Lovells and KPMG before joining forces with Brian and Andrei in their Austin-based law practice. Peter received a bachelor’s degree from Illinois Wesleyan University in 2004, his J.D. from New York University School of Law in 2008, and is a member of the New York bar. He is a Russian national.

    Peter Khokhlov

    COO, Co-Founder

  • Anna is a highly experienced IT specialist having worked for ten years at Mars LLC where she was initially responsible for server infrastructure and worked her way up to the role of infrastructure senior development specialist for business information tools using SAP and Oracle platforms. She is now a data scientist with Adidas. Anna is a native of Moscow and earned her degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at the Moscow State Institute of Steel and Alloys.

    Anna Svetlakova

    Technical Infrastructure Manager

Team Experience
In Cooperation With

How Incremint Works for ICOs

The Problem

Token buyers have limited options to mitigate their risks.

Token buyers have limited ability to perform due diligence on an ICO, which often has no underlying product to assess. There are many risks associated with the integrity and competence of the issuers in delivering the project.

Our Solution

Incremint believes ICOs will continue to thrive and that the accountability problem can be best solved through a blockchain escrow solution.

WORK model for ICOs

For Token Buyers

Token Buyers have access to more credible ICOs

Token Buyers determine by vote that promised milestones are met before funds are released

Issuers are motivated to communicate regularly with the token buyers

For ICOs

Issuers gain credibility with the marketplace by agreeing to escrow funds. This credibility increases the overall size of the token buyer pool

Issuers have immediate access to Incremint's Mint-holding community of token buyers

Issuers will be able to escrow a portion of the funds in fiat

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Incremint: The Enhanced DAICO

Incremint's decentralized escrow platform is an enhanced variation of DAICO proposed by vilalik buteriin with increased flexibility.

Investors Control Release of Funds
Investors Can Force Return of Funds
Funds Released Over Time
Issuers Set Milestones
Hosted Investor Comminication Space
Fiat Escrow
Standardized Voting Mechanism
Established Investor Community
Turnkey Implementation
Money Delivered in Tranches
Issuers Can Seek Revisions of Milestones
Resolution In Case of Deadlock

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