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Mint Tokens

A unique and exciting opportunity to participate in Incremint with a compelling value proposition.

What are Mints?

Incremint is selling Mint tokens in its own ICO. Mints will entitle their bearers to a 10% discount on token purchases in ICOs being conducted using Incremint platform.

How do Mints work?

Mints function as a discount voucher in token purchases – they are not tendered as payment themselves. As such, Mints have unlimited life and can be reused in subsequent ICOs.

How are Mints denominated?

Each Mint token has a basis value of 0.01 ETH – such to control proportionality in their usage. One Mint token entitles its bearer to a 10% discount on an ICO purchase up to .01 ETH.

Why issue Mints?

Incremint is issuing Mints for the purpose of creating an enhanced ecosystem of demand to increase the success of issuers ICOs. Proceeds will be spent on platform development.

Why buy Mints?

Mints are being sold at a fraction of their basis value to incentivize robust adoption of their usage in the ICO market. Pricing affords bearers a lucrative IRR on Mint token usage.

Full details about Mints can be found in our White Paper.

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