Incremint Foundation


The Incremint Foundation advances and promotes blockchain applications that improve the lives of people around the world.

The Incremint Foundation believes:

  1. All people deserve to be recognized as equal.
  2. Blockchain has the power to eliminate digital inequality.
  3. The use of blockchain is a force to facilitate economic empowerment of all people and reduce digital inequality and the accompanying economic inequity.

The Incremint Foundation serves in the pursuit of a world in which all people’s accomplishments, assets, and contributions are universally recognized. We strive to promote the use of blockchain to acknowledge, record and disseminate each person’s worth and value to our planet.


Incremint is committing 10% of its ICO proceeds (in excess of the initial US$1 million equivalent in ETH) to the Incremint Foundation in furtherance the Foundation’s mission.

Incremint will encourage its clients to give as well. Each Incremint client will be asked to designate an ideal target amount for its ICO raise and the percentage of funds above such amount that the client is willing to commit to the mission of the Incremint Foundation (or any other preferred cause). Should an Incremint client choose to make such commitments, Incremint will facilitate the applicable donations.


In service to our vision, mission and beliefs, the Incremint Foundation will contribute annually at least 5% of total assets held (as averaged from the previous year), as mandated by local law, to social enterprises, non-profit entities, and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) that have demonstrated proven results in positively affecting change in people’s lives through the use of blockchain.


Through our unique method of building the Incremint Foundation through the contributions of our clients, the Incremint Foundation will become a foundation of the future, for the future. We believe in its power to fund, promote and drive the best blockchain applications for the 21st century and beyond. When a client chooses Incremint, not only will they be getting credibility and accountability, but they will also be able to claim responsibility for the positive evolution of human inequity.

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